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January 26, 2017

Winter Queen

It’s so much fun shooting just for fun sometimes. Like with this shoot of Laura, the winter queen! And ohmygosh, this girl’s a riot. <3


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December 20, 2016

Christmas Tree 2016

Christmas trees are my thing. My thang, y’all! I’ve had some favorites over the years, my Scandinavian tree, the Woodland theme that got featured on, and last year’s cheery Vintage Tinsel tree.

This year I went a different way. And it has a lot of meaning to me. Every bit telling my story.

Little white birds floating somewhere between heaven and earth. Free. Resting in the fact they’re taken care of.

Red berries and bare winter branches.

Tiny white lights and tiny silver ornaments that reflect that light.

And my tree is small this year. A tabletop tree! I never thought I’d have a tabletop tree as my Christmas tree. But I do. And even its small size has meaning to me.

My tree is my walk this past year. It’s friends and it’s family. It’s faith. And it’s why I adore Christmas, what it means to me. That I am loved beyond what this world can even begin to comprehend. It’s the gift I was given so long ago. A gift I never asked for but, like all of us, desperately needed.

Beautiful, perfect love.

May you know the peace that love has brought me. This Christmas and every day you walk the earth. <3



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December 17, 2016

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies, also known as Russian Teacakes, also known as You Can Eat the Whole Plate Before You Realize it Cookies. They’re like shortbread biscuits rolled in fluffy sugar. And of course in my recipe, I throw a little extra Christmas inside.



1 C butter, softened

1/2 C powdered sugar, plus extra for coating

1 tsp vanilla

2 C flour

1 C finely chopped pecans

1/2 bottle of sprinkles (I used Christmas red and green)



Heat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly oil cookie sheets.

Beat butter and 1/2 C powdered sugar until light and fluffy and then add vanilla.

At this point, I switch from a mixer to a wooden spoon and add in the flour and nuts. Stir until well combined then add in the sprinkles and stir again.

Shape dough into about 1 inch balls and place on prepared cookie sheet. Bake in preheated oven for about 20 minutes, until bottoms are lightly browned and cookies are set.

Roll cookies in powdered sugar while still warm. Cool on cooling racks and then roll in sugar again.

Last step, really important but hard to accomplish: don’t eat them all in one sitting.

Christmas Mexican wedding cookies


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December 10, 2016

Handmade Necklace to Give or Keep

I love making presents. Even if I’m giving a gift that I’ve purchased, I almost always give something handmade, as well. It’s just that little extra “I love you” that makes giving so special. If you need an idea for something you can make, this tassel necklace is inspired by one I saw from Anthropologie a few years ago and is super easy.

To make it, gather your supplies: embroidery thread or fine yarn in the color(s) you like, some cardboard pieces about the size you want your tassels to be (I used a few different sizes for mine), chain, jump rings, scissors, and small pliers.

Cut two little slits at the top of your cardboard near the top and thread a length of your yarn or thread around it (see the photo). After that, wrap and wrap and wrap that thread around your cardboard the other direction, keeping it fairly together. The number of layers you do will determine how fluffy and full your tassel will be. When you’ve got the amount of layers you want, snip the end and take that first bit of string out of the slits and tie a knot at the top of your tassel (see photo). Don’t cut that string, leave it long.

DIY Anthrolpolgie necklace

At the end opposite your knot, snip the threads at the very bottom. Carefully slip the tassel from the cardboard, taking care to leave everything folded over and in place. Now, take another piece of thread/yarn and tie it around the top of your tassel, about a half inch or so down from that knot you made before you slipped the tassel off the cardboard.

Using your pliers, space out your jump rings however you like, one for each tassel you plan to make.

DIY Anthropologie tassel necklace

Now just use that top piece of thread I told you to leave long and tie those tassels to the jump rings. After you’re sure everything is knotted super tight, clip the hanging strings. That’s it! Super cute, right?

DIY Antropolgie tassel necklace


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December 3, 2016

Gone to the Dogs (what a lovely place to be)

This is my beautiful friend Danielle. Like me, she’s a girl boss.

In the Gardner area, she’s the one to call if you need somebody to watch your furbabies. She’s been doing this for years and I’ve never seen anyone as in love with pets as she is.

Seriously, I’ve gone with her several times on her rounds and she babies, cuddles, and plays with the animals left in her care as if she were their mama herself. Check out her Peachy Pet’s Facebook page here. Call her if you need somebody to watch your babies while you’re at work or away from home.

olathe headshots

And call me if you’re a girl boss (or boy boss!) who needs some killer headshots. 😉

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December 1, 2016

Welcome December

You’re one of my favorite months. You’d be my favorite but you’re gone too fast. That’s why November beats you, because I still have you to look forward to when it’s only November.

I love the cold. Cheeks red from it. Cuddles to get warm. Coffee and cider to fight the chill. Kitties warming my lap, fuzzy socks, blankets made by people I love.

I love how people want to be nice. They want to give, to remember those who don’t have enough and make sure they do. We call and visit our family and friends. We even send them real-life, actual post-office-delivered mail!

We bake and cook and bake. And eat. And share. And eat some more. Calories don’t count quite as much.

People get creative. They use spices they never use at other times of the year. They choose paper and ribbons to wrap presents with. They think about what the people they love would love to receive. They make things.

December, you’re magic. I know I say a lot of things are but I super mean it this time.

gardner photographer

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November 28, 2016


What a beautiful girl Anna is! I loved our shoot and I just know she will do great things for the world. <3


olathe senior picutres

overland park senior pictures

lenexas senior pictures




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November 26, 2016

Christmas Wrap 2016

As you probably know if you’ve been following me for any length of time, I live for Christmas. It’s so bad. So, so bad. But I’m a proud Christmas nerd!

I like having themes for my gift wrap every year and this time, it’s red plaid and brown paper and twine. A throwback to my 90’s days maybe? Or lumberjack chic? I like that. I’ll go with lumberjack chic.

I started out by making the tags. I used regular store price tags, glittered them on the edges, and replaced the string with a pretty gold ribbon. Then I made a bazillion origami paper stars out of brown paper. Here is a great tutorial on the specifics of how to make them. For this size, I started with a 2 1/2 inch square of paper. When they were finished, I threaded them with twine using a large-eyed needle.


I can’t remember exactly where I got the paper but these designs are easy to find. For the twine, I used a combination of regular kitchen twine and a roll of sparkly jute I picked up at Target.


I’m thinking I might snip a few springs of greenery right before I give them away and tuck it under the string. Super cute, right? I love these kinds of natural, easy-going designs.

Happy wrapping!